About Sunset

About Sunset Primary

Motivate all students to become caring, independent,
well informed, lifelong learners.


Principal:   Steve Hagen

Enrollment:        513  students total
                           448  students - Kindergarten through 4th grade
                             65  students in Preschool

Plans/Programs to Achieve Goals:

· PLC teams work collaboratively to identify and prioritize specific areas of need based on evidence of student learning. Teachers meet regularly to plan lessons, analyze student work, implement interventions with proven and researched based strategies. Teachers monitor progress with frequent formative assessments.

· Continue implementation and professional development in Rational Numbers Project and Referential Activities Math Project. Students are taught close reading of complex text with “pen in hand”.

· Reading Specialists provide identified students intervention in reading accuracy, fluency, vocabulary instruction, close reading of text, and comprehension of text.

· Math specialist provides pre-teaching of key mathematical concepts to identified students in grades 2, 3 and 4

· Tiger Academy provides extended day support in math, literacy, and English Language Learning for identified students.