Dear Volunteers:

We want to thank you for offering to share some of your time and talents with the University Place School District's students and staff. You can play an important role in assisting in classroom activities and programs throughout the year.

We are required by law to conduct screening checks for employees and specified volunteers. This is a screening tool to help protect our students and maintain a safe school environment. We appreciate your compliance with this request.

Volunteer Online Registration: Volunteer Application. ID verification is required (driver's license or other picture ID with name and birth date). Office staff must view the original picture identification when signing in at the school office. Photocopied ID will not be accepted.

After you have met the clearance criteria your name will be forwarded to the requested site.

Volunteer approval is valid for two years.

We have 3 levels of volunteers:

Level 1 Volunteer Coaches These volunteers are processed through the Athletic Director. Please contact Terry Jenks at Curtis High School.
Level 2 Site Volunteers These volunteers work at the sites on a regularly scheduled basis. They may be parents who work in the classroom, chaperones or volunteers from local colleges and universities, etc. These volunteers must fill out the District Volunteer Application.
Level 3 Casual Volunteers These are usually parents who help with class parties, special projects, etc. These volunteers will go directly to the school to volunteer. They do not fill out the District Volunteer Application.

Remember: Volunteers are always supervised by a designated staff member who has direct control and overall responsibility for all activities.