Pick Up Zone Safety Directions

Pick Up Zone Safety Directions
Posted on 09/12/2018
carWe would like to take this opportunity to ask for your help. Our bus zone and parent pick-up zones are very crowded and we want to be proactive to ensure the safest circumstances for our students.

Below are the safety expectations that we have taught our students. You’ll also find a map that will give you a visual for the flow of traffic.


Mary Godwin-Austen

Pick Up Zone Map

Pick-up Zone Safety Review

Parent Expectations

* In a car- please stay in line and be patient. Please, no cell phone use while driving.

* Once you reach the Pick-up zone sidewalk, pull your car as far forward as possible.

* If you park your car, you must walk over to the pick-up zone to escort your child to your car.

* If you walk to school, you must cross the parking lot and accompany your child away from the

* Pick-up zone. Please use the crosswalks.

Student Expectations:

* Walk.

* Use a Voice Level 1,2 or 3. (Students should know these...level 1 =silent, level 2= whisper and

level 3- conversational voice)

* Stand within the designated yellow pick-up zone.

* Keep backpacks closed and still

* Keep hands and feet to self.

* Watch for your car.

* If a parent is in a car, wait until the car stops before approaching the car.

* Or….wait for a parent to cross the parking lot to greet you on the sidewalk near the yellow pick-up zone.

* Students are not to enter the parking lot unattended.

Bus Zone Parking is limited in this area. If you enter during a bus drop-off or pick-up time, please remember the following:

* Parent drop-off and pick-up is only allowed when the adult parks the car and escorts the student across the driveway.